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Based in Swords, Co. Dublin, Event Horizon Media (EH Media) is a creative firm providing additional multimedia content and news for other media houses or individual clients in both English and Czech language.

We will also boost your business with original marketing ideas.

Does your website feel obsolete? No worries! To make it shine again, we will polish it and give it a modern, brand new logo.

We offer high standard translations of any content between English and Czech language.

We listen, we deliver, we go beyond!

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Radek R. Kasa

Radek R. Kasa


Radek holds an HND in Journalism. Starting as a contributor and photographer for ROOTS Magazine, he has been working in media and production for five years now. He has a strong background in print journalism and PR including multimedia production.

Radek is native in Czech and fluent in English language. Having been a long learner with the experience over 11 years, he loves to share his passion for both languages, which also makes him a respected and sought interpreter and translator.

Get in touch at info@eventhorizon-media.com